Our life in a village

Many city people dream of spending their holidays in the village, away from the hustle and bustle. I live in a small village; it is located in a very picturesque area. There are many wide fields, shallow lakes, small rivers and thick forests around our village. There are a lot of animals and pure air; there is no smoke from the cars. We have water from a natural source.

We live in a new two-storied house. There is a large garden near our house. Vegetables and fruits grow in the garden. We have many apple trees, raspberries, and strawberries, currants. Our house was built by my grandfather many years ago. It is made of wood and looks very nice.

Life in a village is different from life in the noisy city. Everything is very simple here. We have no public transport; everyone walks on foot or rides a bike. And nobody complains about it. It seems that time is slower here than in the city. Nobody is in a hurry. There is not a great number of people here, everyone knows each other, greets and smiles. The rural inhabitants are rather quiet and friendly.

Our mother is a housewife and runs our household. She worked as a nurse in the town hospital earlier. Now she always has a lot of work in the house and in the garden. Our father works in a town near our village and helps her only at the weekends.

At the weekend, my dad, sister and I go to the town and buy everything we need for the next week. We usually buy beef, chicken, pork, fish, sausage, butter, oil, pasta, flour, sugar and cheese. We rarely buy fruits and vegetables because we have a lot of them in our garden. They are very delicious. In the village there are three small stores where you can go shopping. During the week my sister or I go out and buy necessary goods there.

Our mother likes to cook and her dishes are always tasty. In the morning she makes a breakfast for everyone. We usually have lunch for five of us: my mother, my sister, me and my grandparents. Our dad comes home for dinner.

My sister and I always try to help our mother. We keep our rooms tidy, air all rooms, and wipe dust, water flowers and other plants. Our grandmother usually washes and irons the laundry. Our grandfather works in the garden. There is a wonderful world in the village, where you can relax and enjoy the nature. Life in the countryside appeals to me and all members of my family very well.